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What is Tawasul

Our ValuesTawasul was incepted in August 2008 to be the first national, independent and private Think Tank in Oman, serving locally with international standards. We are driven by its vision to be the primary and preferred catalyst for an effective and efficient civil society in Oman.

Tawasul pursues its mission “to empower the civil society institutions through training and knowledge” aided by home-grown partnerships and support, presenting Oman as a leading country in the field of societal solidarity and partnerships between the public sector, the private sector and the civil society organizations.




The Core-Work of Tawasul is to empower the civil society by offering the following initiatives:


Capacity Building Workshops, Advocacy and Leadership - For Professional Groups, Women Associations, Trade Unions and other Civil Society Organizations. These workshops are aimed towards civil society organizations and leaders. They are designed and delivered upon Tawasul’s assessment of the skill mix level with the civil society in Oman.

Policy Research Papers - These are research papers on focus areas chosen by Tawasul in consultation with its Omani interlocutors and researchers or based on Tawasul’s own judgment. They are meant to objectively highlight an issue from a policy making and practicable setting perspective taking into consideration ‘local particularism’ and Human Development goals.

Media Outreach Activities Media Outreach Activities are meant to accord the media its due position as a great influencing factor in the public mindset. These activities are, hence, designed to achieve two goals:

  • To launch Tawasul’s Policy Research Papers.
  • To raise the media awareness level of the subject matter of these papers and engage them in public discussion.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility - Design, Implementation and Supervision of Social Responsibility and Sustainability projects for private sector and institutions interested in Social Investment and engagement with CSOs. These projects aim at:

  • Consulting on social investment strategies, evaluation, project-selection, development and management.
  • Connecting businesses with society through social responsibility solutions that meets the needs of individual companies or organizations through dialogues
  • Supporting NGOs and non-profit organizations to administer their charitable projects.
  • Helping entities to demonstrate respect for ethical values, people, communities and the environment as well as researching solutions on best practices in business ethics.

Organizing Seminars and Conferences – Design  seminars and conferences that focus on raising awareness to a certain issue, preferably gathering Civil Society, Public and Private Sector.


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