Discussion on Human Rights Council

Date 18th May 2010
Place Netherlands Embassy

Discussion on Human Rights Council - Universal Periodic Review

Tawasul has partnered with the Embassy of the Netherlands and held a discussion on Universal Periodic Review. This was in connection to the visit of Mr. Edwin Keijzer who is a human rights expert of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The discussion was participated by number of Civil Society Organizations, among them Environment Society, Omani Writers and Literate
Association, Omani Journalist Association, Omani Lawyers Association, Oman Radiologists Association, and Children First Association.

Mr. Edwin has commented on how it is important for Civil society organizations to participate in support of the
Government in presenting the Universal Periodic Review as the report is national report divides in 3 components information from the government, information from human rights experts and groups and information from non-governmental organizations. Additionally he also briefed what is required in that report form civil society organization in order to develop human rights. The
participants shared various thoughts on the merging civil society in Oman and its achievements and areas that it would like to improve. Finally, Mr. Keijzer has shared the Dutch experience in presenting their UPR to the human
rights Council and how the NGO initiated to provide full assessments of human rights in the Netherlands.

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