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Press Conferences
Why Press Conferences ?

Tawasul aims to reach the public through the media by stating our objectives, processes and purposes of our social projects. By doing that, we expect to achieve transparency and accountability with the civil society, public and private sectors. Our projects are followed by a Press Conference in order to get our message across.

Press Conference











Press Conference on Civil Society Leaders Awards 2010 (from left to right -Nasra Al Adawi, Abdullah Al Jufaili and Khalid Al Haribi)

In order to check more information regarding our services for media outreach with press conferences, please contact us.

Press Conference to Launch the 2011 Elections website held at Tawasul Headquarters on the 10th of September.  pdf pdf pdf pdf
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  Majlis Session: Challenges and potentials of communication and advocacy in the local CSO’s context in partnership with Oman Oil Company Date: 13 Febraury 2012
58 Majlis Session: Evolution of Civil Society: Potentials for Youth in partnership with Oman Oil Company Date: 23 January 2012
53 Launching Majlis A`Shura Elections 2011 Website Date: 07th July 2011



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